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Arnon P. Kater

Prof . Dr. Arnon P. Kater is hematologist at the Amsterdam Medical Centers, University of Amsterdam. His fundamental, translational and clinical research as a clinical hematologist is focused on chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL).

From 2008 to 2009 he also worked as a postdoc at the Moores Cancer Center and the Laboratory of Gene Regulation and Signal Transduction at the University of California (San Diego, US). Within the Amsterdam University Medical Centers (a merger of the AMC and the Vumc), he is deputy head of the Dept. of Hematology and chairman of the clinical research committee.

Kater has been awarded with grants for his research. In 2019 he received an ERC Consolidator grant in order to perform studies on the interactions between CLL cells and the adaptive immune system. He also received personal grants from the Dutch Research Council and project grants from the Dutch Cancer foundation, European Union consortia, pharma-industry and various research supporting foundations.
Since September 2014, he has been chair of the Dutch CLL working group at the Hemato-Oncology Foundation for Adults in the Netherlands (HOVON). In 2021 he was elected as president-elect of the HOVON executive board. He is the current chairman of the EHA Scientific Working Group on CLL (ERIC). In 2021 he became member of the scientific board of the European School of Haematology. He is on the editor board of the journals Blood and Haematologica.


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