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Carsten Utoft Niemann

Carsten Niemann is a medical specialist in hematology with more than ten years of hands-on involvement in research laboratories in Europe and the US and heading the CLL research laboratory and the clinical research program for CLL at Rigshospitalet’s Department of Hematology, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Carsten Niemann is a founding member of the clinical GAIA, Vision, HO158, HO159, and CLL17 clinical trials. Furthermore, Carsten Niemann sponsors the PreVent-ACaLL phase 2-3 trial, the first Machine Learning based clinical trial in CLL.

Articles and MEDtalks

CLL – Update from ASH 2022

/ Carsten Utoft Niemann

The gut microbiome in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia

/ Carsten Utoft Niemann / Tereza Faitova
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