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Mads Hald Andersen

Mads Hald Andersen is Director and Professor at the National Center for Cancer Immune Therapy (CCIT-dk) at Copenhagen University Hospital at Herlev. He has achieved doctoral degrees from both Copenhagen University as well as The Technical University of Denmark. He co-founded CCTT-dk in 2006. Professor Andersen has considerable pharmaceutical experience, and his research has laid the foundation for several biotech companies including Survac and IO Biotech. The latter is listed on Nasdaq, New York. He has been honored with several awards during his career. He has an extensive publication record, authoring more than 225 in peer reviewed journals, more than 20 patents as well as several book chapters. His research has been focusing on the characterization of the natural immune responses in cancer. He has identified several different T-cell antigens including survivin, the Bcl-2 family and RhoC. Professor Andersen has pioneered the field of immune modulating vaccines in cancer. He described the existence of circulating effector T cells that specifically target normal, self-proteins, e.g. IDO, PD-L1, Arginase, and TGFβ, that are expressed by regulatory immune cells. He defined these as ‘anti-regulatory T cells’ (anti-Tregs) since they are able to inhibit the effects of suppressor cells. Several clinical vaccination trials are currently running based on this research of Professor Andersen.

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