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Digital transformation | Double up on digital bookings

Welcome back! We are ready to start a thenew season and look forward to share new clinical knowledge and best practice with you.

BestPractice Nordic has worked intensively with digital development since 2019 – and still do. Since the launch of the new digital platform last year, more than 40,000 doctors and nurses now receive peer to peer communcation with a clinical perspectives on new data, share knowledge and best practice within their specialties. Fortunately, we are not alone – most of you have also focused on and grown in digital development, and we would like to assists this with an extraordinarily good offer on digital banners on the website and newsletters.

If you book digital banners on the website or in newsletters before 31.8.21, you will get double up on placement and period
– but hurry since many placements is about to be sold out.

At BestPractice Nordic you get access to a specialized universe with articles, MEDtalks & MEDcasts, highlights from congresses, professional tests, E-learning courses and webinars. Every day we strive to facilitate an arena that makes it even easier for doctors, nurses and health professionals to share knowledge:

Share clinical knowledge and best practice to improve health and patient care.

If you are interested in this offer or if you would like to hear more, please don’t hesitate to contact:

Charlotte Knudtzen by email: or phone +45 6139 4747 or

Ina Bøgkjær by email: or phone +45 6130 5072

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