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MEDcast | New BestPractice Nordic podcast for oncology/hematology

As something new BestPractice Nordic is publishing podcast in Norway. There are four good reasons in particular to expand to sound: the opportunities to nuance difficult matters and debates, create presence by speaking to emotions, connecting your listeners to your brand and engage your members in a whole new way. Your listeners can podcast whenever they want.

More people than ever are listening to podcasts, and the trends is that the number of listeners will increase even more in the years to come. In Denmark we have launched two podcast channels – one for oncology/hematology and one for general practice. When we started planning our danish podcast channels, we set out by identifying the primary interests of our target groups» – the interesting or difficult to treat patient case. Patient cases is by far the best hook for at conversations between two specialists and this is the point of departure in all episodes of our Danish MEDcast channels, with a subsequent diagnosis or treatment dilemma discussed by specialists. But we also use the podcast format to pinpoint highlights and give an overview of new study results and early-stage data fase I and fase III. For some time now, there has been a demand for podcast from our Norwegian audience and now we arre ready to expand the podcast format to our audience in Norway within oncology and hematology.

MEDcast | Norway

Denne MEDcast er den første av to episoder som omhandler høydepunkter fra EHA 2021 med fokus på myelomatose.
Her presenterer og perspektiverer Agoston Gyula Szabo og Fredrik Schjesvold utvalgte studier.

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Most often we invite one or two specialists with different focus to present, as conversation provides a good dynamic. In addition, we operate with a fixed structure: a jingle, intro and patient case, middle-speaks and outro-speaks that bind the specialists» conversations together. In Denmark we produce podcast for both of segments; Almen Praksis & Onkologi 1-2 times a month and has given high priority to both production and distribution. It has paid off – we have gained more than 1750 subscribers in under eight months.

Several of our editorial and digital team have prior experience working with and launching podcasts, we have assembled some of their best advice for producing a podcast and even more important and overview of the pitfalls to avoid:

Tips for podcasters and the pitfalls to avoid

Understand the uniqueness of the podcasts format

The RSS feed is the backbone of the podcast medium. The RSS feed automatically “pushes” the latest episodes out with a notification in the podcast player to subscribers. Thus, podcast combines the push and pull marketing mechanism in interaction with the users. Over time, when you build a podcast channel, new episodes will «automatically» land with users using the RSS feed, because they subscribe to the channel. This mechanism is a great advantage and also the explanation to why a podcast strategy must be long-term if you want to reap the benefits of the podcast format.

• Content is king, but distribution is the queen – and she wears the pants!

Having great content is worth nothing unless you also make distribution a priority. Today there are so many choices and the number of podcasts being launched is increasing every day. Most likely your listeners will not find your podcast unless nudged, which is why many podcasts never achieve an audience and get the life they deserve. The most probable cause is that often very little attention is paid to distribution by podcast producers. Unfortunately, a typical pitfall is that most of the time, effort and money is put into the production of the podcast – and very little is focused on getting the podcast to the right target group. As a rule of thump, you should always spend the same amount of resources on distribution as on getting the podcast produced. Otherwise it is likely that the podcast will never get the attention it deserves.

Convenience, information and entertainment gets listeners

It is well known that listening to a podcast «on demand» is very convenient. You listen, when it fits into your everyday life. But what actually characterizes a good podcast? If we look at the statistics for the most listened to podcasts, then it is obvious that the podcasts that manages to combine information and entertainment within a niche, are the most successful. A good podcast not only has a great storyline, it also provide the listener with new information. This indicates that it is important to know your target audience and their interests in order to capture their attention. Moreover, podcasts with a recognizable and uniform structure with recurring elements like an easy-listening jingle or catchy intro hook for instance also is a key element to success.

As the audience builds over a longer period of time, it is important that the content is not bound by time or events. If you manage to create content that is not time-bound, new listeners can always go back in the episode overview and listen to the episodes that interest them – without losing relevance.

Want to learn more about podcasts and your advertising opportunities, please contact:

Charlotte Knudtzen by email: or phone +45 6139 4747

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