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BestPractice Nordic | Congress coverage 2021

International medical congresses showcase the latest research and clinical expertise. They provide doctors with the latest within their field. In addition, congresses provide an opportunity to meet colleagues, network and discuss the latest research and how it will effect the clinical practice.

During COVID-19 pandemic these events are all-virtual, making it difficult for any participant to connect and share experiences. This means that there is a lack of debate on how the new research can be put into practice in a national context.

So how can we make the most out of the virtual format? How can we ensure that relevance, individual learning and the important link to clinal practice is present when personal face-to-face networking is not possible?

For us at BestPractice Nordic, it is important that our congress coverage is based on clinical interest and created in collaboration with medical doctors. Our advisors and experts include members from our independent editorial boards as well as national and international specialists, key opinion leaders or rising stars within their specialty. Their expertise, enthusiasm and interest in working with us is the cornerstone for our work. Our focus in on the clinal aspects rather than the news-driven content, which ensures the timely and relevant reporting.

Furthermore, we prioritize continuing the congress coverages after the event is over. We want to make sure that there is time to process and discuss the in-depth clinical and national perspectives on new studies and large amounts of new and often complex data. This ensures that our coverage helps our readers to get the most important new data from their fields of interest whether they attend a medical congress or not.

ASCO GU 2021

We recently covered ASCO GU 2021 with great success. We presented recent studies, ongoing research and new data, with special focus on bladder, kidney and prostate cancer. The coverage include interesting MEDtalks with international and national key opinion leaders; among others David Cella Professor [1] and Mads Daugaard [2]. In addition, we send newsletters to our readers with the most interesting abstracts presented in the congress. The average opening rate of 42% shows that our newsletter are very relevance and of great interest.

With BestPractice Nordic’s congress coverage, you will get:

  • MEDtalk with at least one international and one national Key Opinion Leader (KOL)
  • (Video where KOL presents new data)
  • MEDcast with national KOL (only in DK)
  • (Podcast, where 1-2 Danish KOL’s present and put new data and treatment options in perspective)
  • Abstracts from studies, articles, highlights and newsletters from a congress.

Your company will also get:

  • Exposure when new significant data is presented
  • Company logo on feature site
  • Web banner on feature site
  • Banner ad in a newsletter with MEDtalks, articles and highlights from the congress
  • 1/1 ad in a relevant magazine

There are still many more exciting congresses left in 2021. You will find our calendar here

If you are interested in hearing more about the possibilities with a congress package, please contact us:

Charlotte Knudtzen by email: or phone +45 61394747

Ina Bøgkjær by email: or phone +45 6130 5072


[1] Medical Social Sciences, Feinberg School of Medicine, Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University. See it here.

[2] Senior Researcher, Head of the Molecular Pathology and Cell Analysis Unit, Vancouver Prostate Center, University of British Columbia, Canada. See it here.

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